The Secret Place

The Secret Place

There is a secret place for those who want to spend some time with me.

It is a place of my presence where you can feel secure and free

Come boldly into my throne room and receive whatever you need

I have already blessed you with my word so by faith just ask and receive

I am not withholding any good thing from anyone who will seek my face

Because in my throne room, I'm waiting on you to show you my love and grace

I love it when you come boldly  into my presence in faith to ask of me

And as your heavenly father it is always my good pleasure to answer thee

As you spend some time with me, I will reveal myself to you

Because in my presence there is fullness of joy and that joy will bring you through

Since I am your heaven father you are always welcome here anytime

Just come on in and enjoy yourself because as family; you are mine 

I want you to always come boldly to the throne room and don't be shy 

Because you have a right to be here for I have declared you righteous. You are justified 

Since you are my family, I long for you to fellowship with me.

There are some things I want to show you and  some things I want you to see.

So as you leave this secret place that has been prepared for you.

Don't forget to come again because there are some other things that I want you to do.

Go and tell others of this place where they also can come and dine.

Let them know that I love them too and that they are also welcome in the throne room anytime.