God’s Word Concerning Health

God’s Word Concerning Health

It is your father's will that you be healed and live in divine health

and it is also your father’s will that you prosper and live in wealth 

All through the word it has been revealed that all of these blessings have been shown

But many will not receive them because faith only begins when the will of God is known 

Every sickness and every disease is under the curse of the law

That Includes lack and poverty, But you have been redeemed from them all

God's people are being destroyed for not knowing His will 

His word has already been sent out and is forever settled and  sealed 

Many have received the doctrines of devils saying that certain teachings are true. 

That God uses sickness and disease within His Kingdom to train you.

But don't you believe those lies because they have been sent from the pits of hell

So that you will always be defeated in your health by having no faith to prevail 

In these last days many of God's people will not survive 

Because of the increase of sickness and disease they will surely die 

It is so important to be on the feeding ground of God’s Word

So that your faith will grow from the word that you have heard

If you are feeding on the false teachings of man

Then you will remain sick because your life is being built on sinking sand

So rise up and feed on the word that you know is true

And don’t just listen to anyone who can easily poison you

So always remember that it is your father’s will that you remain healthy, healed, whole and complete

And the only way is that you to know the truth and keep those religious devils under your feet