Spiritual Blockage

Spiritual Blockage

Having offence in your heart is like a spiritual cancer that you need to avoid.
It is an open door for the enemy to come in to steal, to kill and to destroy.
It will hinder the healing anointing and stop you from being made whole.
Because it is a spiritual blockage in your heart; causing the healing anointing not to flow
Living in offence will cause others not to see the love of God in you to be revealed.
It is a spiritual blockage in your heart that has taken you captive by the devil's will.
Many have left a local assembly offended and will never again be a part 
They refuse to walk in forgiveness and therefore have a blockage in their heart 
They have always wondered why things in their life have not always went well 
It is because of a spiritual blockage in their heart that has caused their faith not to prevail.
Many will never admit that they are wrong because in their heart they have justified
by saying it was their brother’s fault and don't even realize that they have a blockage inside.

You may say; God has forgiven me and I knew exactly what needed to do
THAT’S GREAT! But did you go to the one you criticized and ask him to forgive you?
If not then; you still have a spiritual blockage remaining in your heart 
So return back to your first love and biblically once in for all do your part.
Some go to God in lip service thinking all of their offenses are undercover and hid
not knowing that they are still in un-forgiveness and don't even realize that they have backslid

You cannot leave a local assembly offended and criticize those you left behind

And expect to continually draw all the blessings of God from Jesus the true vine

Do a check list and let God take out the spiritual blockage that is in your heart

If God has forgiven you; then forgive others also. This is how you do your part

Get the un-forgiveness out from under the covers and have a fresh start and a clean slate

Come out from among those in captivity by the enemy before it is too late
God loves you and he wants you to live a life offended free

Then you will enjoy the rest of your life with no spiritual blockage indeed

Grace does not give us the right to live anyway we want to

Just repent from living offended then the devil will have nothing in you