A Word Concerning Children

A Word Concerning Children

The most important thing in your life is your children; For I want them to grow old and to always follow me

Train them while they are young and when they are fully grown they will always live righteous, upright and free 

Train up the little ones to come unto me and learn of my ways so they can be successful with a prosperous soul 

For my greatest desire is for them is to grow up and be mature in my word so they can live healthy, healed and whole 

Train up a child in the way he or she should go and when they are old they will not depart

When you gave them to me; The seed of my word was instilled into them and I will continue to do my part 

I will continue to watch over them and protect them no matter what they go through 

Because as your heavenly father I will keep them in the palm of my hand because I have given  my word to you 

So don't you worry are be fretful about your children because you have giving them to me 

For I have heard your prayers and l will continue to watch over them to keep them free 

I have declared that you  are righteous and your seed shall be delivered and also they shall be blessed 

So put your trust in what I have spoken because I watch over my word to perform it, so all you have to do is enter into my rest

It has always been the plan for my children to grow up in my ways so they can be successful in everything they do

But for that to happen, they must be taught my ways while they are young for this responsibility is given to you

Train them to attend my sanctuary to worship and receive the word to grow with the other members of my family

Then they will continue to do what they have been taught and what they have practiced and they will be blessed abundantly