As a Christian what do you do when you have missed the mark and have sinned  

Confess it before God because he is faithful and just to forgive you so that you can get back in fellowship again 

God is not counting up and holding against you your trespasses for you have been forgiven 

Tell the devil that he has no right to condemn you because you have been cleansed by the blood and you are going to keep the faith and keep on living 

There is now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus because you are     in him

Old things are passed away and behold all things have become new because you have been born again

Whatever is in the past will no longer hinder you because you are clothed in God’s righteousness 

For all of your sins have been forgotten for they have been cast into the sea of forgetfulness

If you have asked God to forgive you then forgive yourself and trust him; THEN you need to let it go

Because he cannot remember your sins so you need to trust his word because it is so

You are in him because of the shedding of his blood and now you stand in his presence complete

That means you have authority over the devil and you can keep him with the Name of Jesus under your feet 

So don’t live your life frustrated, discourage and with a woe is me attitude

You have been clothed with the robe of righteousness so be bold and confident because God looks at Jesus inside you

So bless the Lord at all times because he has forgiven you of all your iniquities

And has given to you a brand new life with inside supernatural abilities

There is nothing you can do to stop God from loving you

And as a Child of God and with his love and grace; nothing is impossible for you to do

Since you have been forgiven then go tell other that God has forgiven them also

You have been called into the ministry of reconciliation to bring them into the fold

So get back on your feet and quit thinking that life isn’t worth living

The devil has lied to you; so quit listening to him because your future is bright because you have been forgiven