God is not the author of confusion so you need to be alert and to be aware 

When there is a lack of knowledge then confusion will always be there 

Where there is confusion; there is every evil work of sin 

This is why faith will not work in the heart where confusion is settled within 

If the enemy can confuse you by mixing untruth words with God’s Word 

He will easily defeat you because of the un-belief that was mixed in to what you have heard 

Ministers who are confused in the word will speak doubt and unbelief into your mind 

If it does not line with the Word of Truth then get up and leave false teaching behind 

Many will live in confusion because they do not know what is wrong or what is right

Because of the religious teachings that they have heard; they are not able to walk in the light 

The reason why some people are still sick is because they have been taught that sickness was God’s will

They are confused and held in bondage to sickness because the truth of God’s word have not been revealed

They have been wrongly taught because all they see is confusion in their eye 

They are confused and deceived because of the false teachings from the father of lies 

The reason why Jesus has come to bring us life and to give us riches untold

Is because he wants us to be healthy, prosperous, complete and to be made whole

Confusion can transform your mind the opposite way and tear your life apart 
but God will give you peace 

Because knowing the truth will set you free when knowledge and understanding is increased

If you have been taught the Word of God from those you know well

Then dance with the one who brought you and don’t let the enemy prevail

The most important thing in your life is to know who you are in him

Then you will be able to overcome everything that the devil throws at you;

everyone of them

So go back to the basics of the Word of God in what you have been taught

Everything that pertains to life and godliness has been given unto you because it has already been purchased and bought

Guard you heart with all diligence at all cost and don’t receive everything that you hear

Make sure that it lines up with the Word of God; no matter if miracles appear

Always put God’s Word first in your life and don’t follow any delusion 

Stay grounded in the Word of God and you will never walk in any type of confusion