The Ministry of Angels

The Ministry of Angels

Angels are ministering spirits sent forth to harken to your words

When God's word is released out of your mouth; Angels will take heed to what they have heard 

They excel in strength and they are mighty in battle as they harken unto you 

Since you are God's voice on the earth; they will do what you tell them to do

Angels are on standby waiting for the voice of your command 

And as your words are spoken; they will obey because it is the father's plan

If you are a child of God then you better have something to say

And if you don't release God's word out of your mouth, then they have nothing to obey  

Stir up yourselves in faith and put your angels to work for you. 

They have only been standing around with nothing to do

When you speak to the mountain in the name of Jesus and cast it into the sea

These angels will harken to those words spoken and there the mountain will be 

Yes! They work on the assignments that the father has sent them to do

But they are still waiting for your words so they can accomplish much more for you

So rise up and speak what you believe and the angels will harken to what you say