You need a shepherd to pray with you in your time  of need 

This is why you need a local church so you can receive the word from him and stay free 

God has given a shepherd to each and every one after his own heart 

So make sure you are where God have planted you and don't depart 

By God’s grace he has anointed a shepherd to watch over your soul

When you honor him with your attendance then the word you hear will help complete and make you whole 

The devil does not want you to be under a shepherd or any man 

He wants to keep you away from the flock so he can keep you under his command 

In the last days many will depart from a local church and no longer receive 

The real reason why they left is because the enemy had them deceived

Many of God's people do not believe they need a pastor or a local church to attend 

They stay home and say its’ not necessary to be faithful to church because it’s not a sin 

If you do not have a local church home, then you don’t have a shepherd to watch over you 

The reason why God has given a shepherd to a flock is because his family needs to be

attended to  

The enemy has deceived so many people because they say it is ok to stay home

They watch TV preachers and say they are having church and this is where they belong

The word may be good and you are enjoying the worship with the TV feeding of the word

But you still don’t have a shepherd and a home church and haven’t taken heed to what you have heard

The Word of God tells you not to forsake yourself the assembling of yourself together for the manner of some have done

Because God loves the flock so much that he gave them shepherds to oversee, feed and to represent Christ the Son

The enemy comes to steal, kill and to destroy and he starts his attacks by deceiving you to eventually leave the fold

His purpose in doing this is so you won’t have a shepherd to feed and lead you by the word to help keep you from growing cold

Shepherds are God’s representatives to oversee his flock to lead and to feed

The feeding ground is called the local church so be faithful there and receive

David said! I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord

So those who will return to be under a shepherd will also receive a faithful reward

So God has a local church and a shepherd who is waiting for you

Then the joy you once had in the past will flow again through and through