What do you do when it seems as though you are not getting any answers from above

You check up on your faith, then also check to see if you are walking in love 

Your faith will have a tendency to waver if all you see is confusion and doubt 

 So be grounded in the word and in order to get the doubt and confusion out 

God is love and his love has been shed abroad in your heart 

It is faith that worketh by love and they work together and never apart

Faith is the key to heaven’s storehouse and there is nothing that God will hide

So love unlocks the door so that you can have anything you need inside

This is how many will know that you have been born again from above

Because they see that you are kind to others and how you walk in love

Love worketh no ill to his neighbor: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law

So as you continue to walk in love; faith will rise up and you will not fall

For the love of Christ will constrain you and keep you on track

Keep your faith working and your love moving and don’t look back

So walk ye in love as God and don’t let faith be alone

When love is present; no matter what comes your way; you will still have a song

If love is not in the forefront of you faith then faith is in vain

But when faith is released in love things will move In Jesus name 

Remain firm in the love of God and let it be the master of your soul

Then faith will remove every mountain that is in your way when love is in control 

So walk by faith and not by sight and live in the law of love

Then you will experience more than enough blessings from your father above