For Husbands Only

For Husbands Only

Husbands! Love your wives for this is what you should do

Because it was your heavenly father who brought her to you

Don’t take her for granted and assume that she will never leave you alone

For many husbands have have lost their wives because they treated them wrong

Your wife needs you to show her that she is the love of your life

And when you do that; she will be so glad that you love her as your wife

She does a lot for you because her love for you is in her heart

Always treat her right and the both of you will never be apart

Always remember that she is the answer to your prayer

So keep loving her daily and she will always be there

Marriage is sacred because God has brought you together according to his will

So you can love her as Christ loves the church so that your love can be fulfilled

Take time for her because she’s not only your wife, but your best friend

And then your marriage will last a life time loving each other until the end

Tell your wife often that you love her and show her in a special way

Your  Good words and your actions will reassure her and brighten her day

Give God all the praise and thanksgivings for bringing her into your life

And never take her for granted because by the grace of God she is your wife.

God gave her to you for a purpose so that your life could be fulfilled 

So treat her with a tender loving care and then true love will be revealed 

So return back and do the things you did when you captured her love 

And rekindle that flame because she is God's gift given to you from heaven above

Now it's time for you to make a decision by giving God all of your heart

And be that godly husband that she desires you to be as you do your part