This Special Word came From a Dream

This Special Word came From a Dream

I drove through a large city and saw buildings that were burned-out hulls and the city looked as though it had been in a war zone completely destroyed. I knew that this was the USA. These are the words that came to me 

God’s time table has been set from the beginning to the end

And destruction will continue on earth because of the sins of men

Judgment is coming to America for time is running out.

It is time for God’s people to repent from their wicked ways and turn about

War and destruction will increase as fear runs rapid throughout the land

For the time of the end of all things that has been prophesied are at hand

Even though the world will be in darkness each day and every hour 

This is not the time to be afraid; the church will still increase in word and in power 

During this time; great signs and wonders from heaven will appear

It will encourage the Body of Christ to continue to walk in faith and not fear

The Church will have greater power in manifestation since the days of yesterday

More and more miracles will be performed as God’s people repent and pray

As it has been spoken in times pass that there will be a great revival upon the land

And when you see these things come to pass; it is closer now and is at hand 

Spiritual gifts will be in full manifestation and many shall come to the Lord

And God’s family will increase and all will give him praise; all in one accord

Many will not receive the moving of the Spirit and will fall by the wayside

Since they denied the Holy One; no longer in God’s presence will they abide

Many will not understand the things that are happening because they cannot see

That they have gone away with their own ways and don’t realize that they have been deceived

Judgement is now coming to this generation and the time table is winding down to an end

It is now time to go out into the highways and byways and compel them to come in

As it was in the days of Noah; the people were warned of the flood that was to come

So it is today when many are making fun of God’s people because they have received Christ Jesus the Son

So wake up and be alert; let others know what is soon to take place

They also can be protected if they receive God’s love and His Grace