Let it Go

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Sometimes forgetting what is behind is a great challenge. The what ifs, if onlys, should haves, and could haves can eat your heart and the joy right out of you. Letting go is hard. Things we wish are different, chances we wish we took, people who live in our past and not in our present, memories that we let consume us for good or bad reasons… we have to say goodbye. We have to diminish the power of the past over our present and future. We have to bury  some hurts, remove some memories and ideas that are growing like cancers on our heart, and allow Jesus to fill us with the joy of this moment and the hope of tomorrow.

Join us Sundays in January as we will learn how to stop looking backwards with regret, hurt and anger and how to let go and press on to hope, lean into Gods strength, and reap all the blessing that God has for us. Don’t dwell on yesterday, determine to begin this year living fully in the now with a reignited hope for tomorrow.

Let it Go: Week 1

Let it Go: Week 3

Let it Go: Week 2

Let it Go: Week 4