What is a Connect Group?
A Connect Group is a group of three or more persons meeting for a set period of time with the objective of meeting a felt need or sharing a common interest.

Why should I join a Connect Group?
We are designed by God to live life in relationship with others. Positive life change happens best when we are surrounded by Christian friends to support, encourage and challenge us.

How do I join a Connect Group?
You contact the Leader for more information, or just show up at the time and place mentioned. However, some groups may ask for online registration for planning purposes.

Who can join a Connect Group?
Absolutely anyone!

Do I have to take any classes before I can join a Connect Group?
None at all. You can jump right into any group.

Can I join a Connect Group if I’m not a regular attendee at Living Word?
Yes, wed love that!

Do I have to join a Connect Group to be a part of Living Word?
No, but Connect Groups provide a great place for you to develop meaningful friendships as well as providing a way for a large church to be a community.

Can I join more than one Connect Group?
Yes, but we believe you will have the best experience if you are committed to only one or two.

Can I switch to a different Connect Group?
Yes, You can switch to a different group at any time. Our groups will change up every 3 months. New groups will be added while others take a break. This is a great time to explore new groups to join.

How often do Connect Groups meet?
Each Connect Group meets every Sunday afternoon/evening for about an hour.

Is every Connect Group a Bible study?
No, there are all kinds of groups: activity groups, special interest groups, Bible Studies just about anything you may be interested in.

Who should I contact if I have a question about a specific group?
Please call or email the group leader directly. Their contact information is listed with their group information.

Are minors allowed to attend Connect Groups?
Minors are only allowed to attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian and at the discretion of the group leader unless otherwise specified. Look for the All Ages groups